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We've caught us a Tenor!

Click here to see some pictures from the Celtic Tenors concert on December15th



December 12th: we sang at Manulla





Our concert at the Ruby Room on the 15th at the Royal Theatre was a success

Line-up at the concert: click here to see a large-format version of the picture





Getting ready for our big concert and cd launch!





August 28th

Mundy Makes New Friends in Castlebar

Castlebar Gospel Choir make energetic appearance with Offaly Singer-Songwriter
Mundy himself put it best when he signed on a CD "I hope you're singing your heart out!" This passionate request became the theme of his intimate gig at the TF Royal Theatre in Castlebar, but while being the latest leg of his solo tour, Mundy had a fantastic surprise for his fans in the TF Royal Theatre on Saturday night last as Castlebar Gospel Choir made a wonderfully vibrant appearance to accompany him on some of his biggest hits.

Knowing how the night was going to progress, it was clear that the 'main man had a plan'! The gig was always going to move towards a crescendo but few in the relatively small, but very avid audience could have anticipated just where this musical journey was going to go.
Accustomed as he is to working with various musical contributors, (Sharon Shannon, Shane Mc Gowan, Gemma Hayes to name but a few) it was interesting to see the excellent chemistry that existed between Mundy and Castlebar Gospel Choir. Such rapports don't always come easy and can often be detrimental to the music, but not in this situation as it was clear that Mundy enjoyed his experience with Castlebar's own gospel greats! Infusing the gig with their own inimitable blend of musical passion, the choir belted out superb support on tracks 'By Her Side', the famous anthem 'July' and then provided a truly excellent turn on 'Mexico' by which time the crowd were all on their feet totally absorbed in the musical masterpiece taking place in front of them! By the time that Mundy and his newfound musical collaborators finished the night off with his now legendary 'Galway Girl' the crowd were euphoric.

Enjoyable, impressive and infectious, what a great show! More please!




Brendan has put a little video together, featuring music from our June concert and pictures of the choir

Click here to see this brief animoto video compilation on youtube


We have decided to make ourselves available for performing at weddings for the coming year




We went to Kathy's house for an end-of-year barbecue

where plans for a trip to the US at St Patrick's weekend, 2011, were announced!




Click here to see pictures from the concerts on the nights of June 16 and 17...


...and click here if you'd like to see pictures from the pub afterwards!





We're gearing up for our two nights in the Linenhall on the 16th and 17th of June

We had a day of rehearsals in Enniscrone on May 29th.
Click here to see pictures from the day...and the night...and the morning after!





Kathy is back with us, so it's full steam ahead with a new line-up of songs






Kathy is undergoing some medical treatment, so we'll be having a break of about five weeks



We had a good turnout at our meal in Agape Restaurant on Feb 11th

Click here to see lots of pictures taken by Ros





We sang at the Holy Rosary at the end of the month in honour of babies who died during the year.

We hope we have helped parents and relatives who are coming to terms with their grief.