Castlebar Gospel Choir

Enniscrone, May 29th, 2010

We arrived en masse to the Diamond Coast Hotel for a day of rehearsal and some relaxation



The Rehearsal:














Time for Lunch:















Back to Work again:










Time for relaxation in the bar afterwards:

One man had put in a big effort at the rehearsal



More were relaxing outside (until caught by the director)




Others went for a walk at the beach:





Time to go to the restaurant:


...but there was the simple matter of a barrier:



...which was safely negotiated by all!



The food at the Golf Club Restaurant was lovely:






Afterwards, someone took a fancy to one of the vehicles parked outside:


...but our secretary saved the day:




The sun was about to set:








But most choir members found a nicer place to hang out:

The hotel bar again

(Is that the Eurovision they're all watching?)




The next morning:

A quiet, healthy breakfast



Thanks to Moirín for all her work in organising the day.

Brendan introduced a social dimension to make the practice more interesting and enjoyable.

Kathy and Marese were indefatigable in leading us through a long session of singing.

Thanks also to Andrea who organised the meal.