Castlebar Gospel Choir


Songs of Freedom our second CD

Here we are at the Linenhall singing along with the Eureka Choir, also under the direction of Kathy.

We recorded this concert which took place in June, 2010.

Considering that this is a live performance, great praise is due to John Flatley, our sound engineer, who did a remarkable job.



The cd is due for release later in 2010.

It features primarily the music from our Songs of Freedom concert.

In addition, there are a couple of extra songs from the night.

Eureka feature on the seven songs at the end.


Enjoy these excerpts from 19 lovely pieces of music!

1: Freedom is Coming
2: Hush
3: Go Down Moses
4: Burden Down
5: Swing Low
6: Down in the River
7: Deep River
8: Wade in the Water
9: Give me Jesus
10: May this Circle be Unbroken
11: I'll Stand by You
12: Angel
13: Feel the Spirit
14: I've Gotta Shoes
15: Hail Holy Queen
16: Get Happy
17: Something Inside so Strong
18: Battle Hymn of the Republic
19: Lord, Lord, Lord


Click here to see pictures from the concert